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20 Oct 2010

PV market demand drop

Since the 4th quarter of 2008, the drop of solar energy demand, increased pressure on the stock battery manufacturers both sides, because the capital needs of low-priced sales, the market came part of the international contract customers can also change the pickup module approach has signed contracts required suppliers offer, allow suppliers to draw the circle first, some fighting, then select the lowest purchase, solar energy companies, said 1st quarter 2009 if demand remains in the doldrums, I'm afraid to increase the probability of such violations will follow heightening .

Since the 4th quarter of 2008, demand for solar PV market frozen, leaving both sides a rapid increase in solar cell factory inventory levels, to address the problem of funding needs and inventory pressures, grab a single action to kill because of lack of funds and the stock pressure, to the not yet completely subsided.

Since 2008, the contracts signed years, more non-rigid restrictions, including price, delivery quantity, delivery time and so not very hard and fast rules, coupled with the rapid changes in market conditions, supply chain market rapidly from a seller to a buyer Therefore, some international purchases module plant began to change strategy.

These modules one by one supplier factories require the contract offer before a contract supplier to bargain with each other about it, and then select the lowest bid contract supplier of the goods, the contract market but has become the fastest battlefield bargain, the other unsuccessful suppliers stocking according to the contract, but ended up shipping nowhere, but increased the pressure on stocks.

Solar energy companies, said the situation reflects the number of contracts enforceable not been apparent in 2009, although the contract customers are willing to set a significant reduction relative to 2008, but there is still a significant proportion of international companies in order to ensure stable supply, signed a supply contract .

Urban conditions in 2009 but the uncertain spot price of the contract price may still be threatened, especially off-season when the first one end of the quarter end, as expected if the market's reversal, the current prices remain stable longer fear the threat, the same, contract enforcement and binding will be challenged again, the above situation may result from spreading.

Solar cell manufacturers, said the situation in the 4th quarter of 2008, the battery increasingly evident since the start price, but after all still a small number of customers, so, many battery manufacturers shall be set in 2009, the contract will be more to enhance communication between buyers and sellers, period can provide customers a reasonable price and stable material source.

Continental battery manufacturers, including Suntech, Solarfun, China Sunergy, crystal and Australia, Taiwan solar cell makers, including Motech, E-TON, the new sun, Yu Jing, Sun Branch, Wang can wait; both sides offer similar trend, each about 2 to 2.4 watts of dollars, of which the market believes that a single force service providers to the mainland than to Taiwan-based factory fierce.

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16 Oct 2010

Battery and Electric cars

Impact of the international market, the city electric vehicle battery market has also taken a hit, the battery more substantial price cut. Yesterday, Sea Road batteries wholesale price of electric cars generally reduced by 10%, while prices of electric cars is almost unchanged.

Price reduced over 10% of the battery

Yesterday morning, the wholesale market of electric vehicles in the Sea Road, a group of electric car battery prices big 70 ~ 80, a group of small cells of about 50 yuan price reduction, urban retail stores in the battery of other price cuts are basically the same. According to the people of the party, said he had bought two weeks ago a group of small batteries, the current price of 360 yuan to 300 yuan Jinmai now, a lot cheaper. A certain brand of battery sales staff also confirmed this statement, he said, the price of the battery is indeed Recently fallen even more powerful, generally more than 10%, mainly due to the influence by the recent international market, especially the lead price decline impact.

Electric car prices almost unchanged

Also in the wholesale market for electric cars Navigation Road, reporters found that while the battery is relatively large price drop, but the price of electric cars is almost unchanged. Simple electric vehicles in the 1800-2000 yuan (due to the different brands, different prices), Deluxe pedal electric car is about 2700 yuan. A certain brand, said sales of electric vehicles, although the prices have lowered the battery, but the electric cars did not affect the overall cost, so the price of electric cars and have had no decline.

Zhengzhou City will build photovoltaic solar cells installed on industrial agglomerations

Yesterday, the government issued on the establishment of photovoltaic industry gathered in the project leading group to promote the notice.

PV industry is an environmentally friendly energy industry. Inexhaustible supply of high-purity silicon used in solar energy resources to light directly into electricity from the photovoltaic industry, with clean, environmentally friendly, safe, renewable and so on.

Municipal Development and Reform Commission, said one expert, who will be able to achieve a place to install solar "power everywhere around the sun," the goal, from the spacecraft down to the household appliances to large megawatt power plants, small toy, all the use of photovoltaic solar energy. October 2008, Henan Electric Power Industrial Group Co., Ltd. and Wuxi Suntech Energy Engineering Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement photovoltaic industry, which means the PV industry in our province has been substantial progress into the stage.

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19 Apr 2010

This article via: Samsung updates its color laser MFPs for workgroups

Samsung updates its color laser MFPs for workgroups

The models 6220FX CLX-6520FX and CLX-can print, copy, scan and fax. They create a maximum of 20 per minute respectively, 24 black & white and color pages. Prices range from 700 to 1058 euros.

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Samsung has expanded its portfolio with two network-printer color laser multifunction device for small to medium workgroups. The models 6220FX CLX-6250FX and CLX-can print, copy, scan and fax. Removing the previous CLX-6200ND, CLX-6210FX and CLX-6240FX from.

Samsung CLX-6250FX (Photo: Samsung)

The CLX-6220FX prints and copies according to the manufacturer for up to 20 pages per minute in color and black and white. The CLX-6250FX provides 24 pages per minute. The effective print resolution is 9600 by 600 dpi. When scanning is achieved 4800 times 4800 dpi.

Unlike the previous generation, the new MFPs need a longer warm up more. The first page will print and excludes after 17 (CLX-6250FX), respectively 24 seconds. The memory capacity has increased from 128 to 256 MB. The CLX-6250FX is compared to the previous CLX-6240FX also equipped with a powerful processor (700 MHz instead of 533) and can be an option for a 160-gigabyte hard drive and 512 MB of extended memory.

The standard paper tray holds up to 250 sheet multipurpose tray can be fitted with up to 100 sheets. A second additional paper tray increases the volume by a further 500 sheets. In addition, both devices have a duplex unit with an automatic document feeder for up to 50 pages on board.

Samsung offers organized according to the monthly print volume, two different toner quantities: the average Farbtonerreichweite is in the standard color cartridges 2000 and 2500 black and white pages. The high-performance cartridges achieve color and 5000 black and 4000 pages.

Other features of the multi-function devices include a variety of scan-to functions, such as scan to e-mail, USB or FTP. With built-in hard drive are printing functionality, such as "confidential print," "deferred printing", "test pressure" or "Stored Print" is possible. It is operated by a four line LCD display and a compass navigation. The maintenance can be with Samsung's management tool "SyncThru Web Admin Service 5.0 perform" centrally over the network, in which the equipment via Fast Ethernet port to be involved.

The multifunction devices are now commercially available. The CLX-6220FX cost 700 Euros, the CLX-6250FX 1058 Euro.

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19 Apr 2010

This article via: iSuppli expects shortages of NAND flash memory

iSuppli expects shortages of NAND flash memory

Reason is the increasing popularity of the iPhone and other mobile devices such as e-book reader and Tablets. The number of mobile phones with NAND Flash in 2010 increase by 13.8 percent. ISuppli estimates the industry's sales to 18.1 billion dollars.

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iSuppli expects this year a growing demand for NAND flash memory, which should lead to supply shortages and higher prices. The reason for these developments to the market researchers say is the growing popularity of the iPhone and other mobile devices such as e-book reader or Tablets.

The number of mobile phones with NAND flash is expected to increase by 13.8 percent, according to iSuppli 2010 to 732 millions. 2008, the growth rate was 1.6 percent.

NAND flash is used as a non-volatile memory in cell phones, MP3 players, USB flash drives, memory cards and Solid State Drives (SSD). One of the largest customer is Apple. It is estimated that the company buys 20 to 30 percent of the world's available capacity, which it has secured long-term supply agreements with Toshiba and other manufacturers.

"The success of the iPhone has triggered the development of a whole series of competing smartphones," said Michael Yang, senior analyst for memory at iSuppli. This included Motorola's Droid, Iris HTC, Palm and Google's Pre Nexus One. Although some models relied on alternative storage solutions such as Micro-SD cards tried, but all to achieve the storage capacity of the iPhone. "The good promises to the demand for NAND."

The industry sales for 2010 iSuppli estimates that 18.1 billion U.S. dollars (13.4 billion euros). This represents an increase of 34 percent compared to 2009. Last year, the increase was 14.8 percent.

In addition to smartphones also carry e-book reader and Tablet PCs with the shortage. The latter comes from iSuppli, the average storage capacity from 32 to 64 GB. "It remains to be seen whether sales will meet the optimistic expectations of manufacturers. The introduction of the Apple iPad could possibly inspire the market," said Yang.

The results obtained with NAND flash revenues climb, according to iSuppli 2013 to almost 30 billion dollars per year (Image: iSuppli).

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12 Mar 2010

This article via: HOW TO OPERATE THE PEMFC


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To ‘charge’ the PEMFC and produce your fuel gases, connect a DC power source (it doesn’t have to be very clean, so long as there are no big voltage spikes) in the normal positive-to-positive and negative-to-negative arrangement. You should have some reccomended charging specs from your supplier, but in case you don’t a common PEMFC requires 1.7V to 2.0V, at 700mA for maximum charging rate. To compensate for various internal resistances and innefficiencies, it’s common to charge the FC with closer to 3V to ensure you get a good current flowing into the cell. The easiest source to charge your FC is a nice new pair of 1.5V AA alkaline cells.

Virtually the instant you connect power, you should see bubbles of gas forming on the inside chambers of the FC. The chambers will fill up, pushing the water out of the cell and into the storage tanks, and then eventually filling the tanks with accumulated Hydrogen and Oxygen.

Once you’ve got some fuel saved up, you can use your PEMFC to power a few devices. The output for a small typical single cell is nominally 0.6V @ 500mA, but often you’ll see closer to 1V @ 800mA when the cell is freshly charged. You can connect multiple FCs in parallel or series to increase the current or voltage output respectively. Some PEMFCs, like the one used in Mr. Lobster, are actually two FCs back to back, with a shared Hydrogen or Oxygen chamber.

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Like most rechargeable power storage systems, the power output from the FC will be fairly consistent at first, but gradually weakening as the fuel supply runs out. Conveniently you can visually see how much ‘juice’ an FC has left just by looking at the tanks and checking how full they are =D

One last note – you’ll probably find that most circuits need a fair bit more than ~1V to work, and connecting multiple FCs in series can be expensive, bulky, and annoying. Since the current output of even a small FC is typically quite high, you can use a voltage booster circuit to ‘trade in’ some of that extra current for more voltage. Take a look at this example by OddBot to get started in the right direction.

Was first used in BYD F6 dual mode hybrid vehicle

At a press conference, BYD unveiled the world’s first iron battery motor and gasoline engine-powered dual-mode hybrid vehicles F6DM, at its core power battery is ET-POWER.

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According to reports, F6DM use of hybrid electric vehicle system and the system is a way to control the two kinds of hybrid power generators and electric motors combine advanced technology, not only greatly reduces fuel consumption and emissions, but also improved the performance of power and manipulation to achieve a can charge, but also fuel a variety of ways to add energy to achieve a true sense of the word hybrid hybrid systems.

BYD president, Wang Chuanfu, said, DM is a “dual-mode” (DualMode) abbreviation. If the pure electric referred to as EV, hybrid referred to as HEV, the BYD DM electric car EV + HEV, in short, rechargeable hybrid electric vehicles. This system will replace the gasoline-electric mixing system, to become the world’s most mainstream new energy automotive systems.

It is reported that BYD dual-mode electric vehicle has been declared over 700 domestic and foreign patents. After a variety of state of the vehicle under the vehicle testing, road conditions in the city can be realized under the basic state of pure electric exercise of the BYD Electric Vehicle Charging Station 10-minute quick charge up to 50% of the electricity at home using ordinary socket slow fast charging, full power has only 9 hours. According to introduction, the entire dual-mode electric vehicle cost of the system is 5 million after the increase in production costs can be greatly reduced, the car is expected to be available second half of 2008 volume production.

Invention iron battery Adds expansion “of nuclear power”

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It is understood that as the world’s largest battery market giants, BYD factory from 10 years ago now, the rapid expansion of the speed doubling every year, from 2.5 million capital to expand into the market value of 30 billion yuan, from a single battery production to the ranks of important diversification of the world’s mobile phone industry, the integration of mobile phone parts supplier, from the repairer, selling cars of the “outsider” to the production of single models F3 With over 10 million vehicles sold “miracle”, BYD only took a very a short time.

The industry have pointed out that BYD five years ago, cut into the automotive industry, giving enterprises a strong development, while the maturity of the iron battery business, meaning that BYD’s two main industries - IT industry and automobile industry, battery-free seam integration and docking, the two industries, the strategic realignment will undoubtedly provide a strong impetus BYD follow-up development.

As automotive innovations, Wang Chuanfu BYD dual-mode electric vehicles on the confidence in the future. He said that in dual-mode electric vehicle to market next year, after the 2009 pure electric vehicles will also be available. In addition to driving electric vehicle industry chain, the BYD plans to iron battery into the notebook computers, digital cameras, digital music players, digital industry chain. Wang Chuanfu said that the current technology is not a major obstacle, the main traditional lithium battery voltage of 3.7 volts, slightly higher than the 3.3 volt-iron battery, once to solve voltage problems, this new type of battery is undoubtedly the best alternatives to lithium batteries, the market prospects immeasurably.

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