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19 Apr 2010

This article via: iSuppli expects shortages of NAND flash memory

iSuppli expects shortages of NAND flash memory

Reason is the increasing popularity of the iPhone and other mobile devices such as e-book reader and Tablets. The number of mobile phones with NAND Flash in 2010 increase by 13.8 percent. ISuppli estimates the industry's sales to 18.1 billion dollars.

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iSuppli expects this year a growing demand for NAND flash memory, which should lead to supply shortages and higher prices. The reason for these developments to the market researchers say is the growing popularity of the iPhone and other mobile devices such as e-book reader or Tablets.

The number of mobile phones with NAND flash is expected to increase by 13.8 percent, according to iSuppli 2010 to 732 millions. 2008, the growth rate was 1.6 percent.

NAND flash is used as a non-volatile memory in cell phones, MP3 players, USB flash drives, memory cards and Solid State Drives (SSD). One of the largest customer is Apple. It is estimated that the company buys 20 to 30 percent of the world's available capacity, which it has secured long-term supply agreements with Toshiba and other manufacturers.

"The success of the iPhone has triggered the development of a whole series of competing smartphones," said Michael Yang, senior analyst for memory at iSuppli. This included Motorola's Droid, Iris HTC, Palm and Google's Pre Nexus One. Although some models relied on alternative storage solutions such as Micro-SD cards tried, but all to achieve the storage capacity of the iPhone. "The good promises to the demand for NAND."

The industry sales for 2010 iSuppli estimates that 18.1 billion U.S. dollars (13.4 billion euros). This represents an increase of 34 percent compared to 2009. Last year, the increase was 14.8 percent.

In addition to smartphones also carry e-book reader and Tablet PCs with the shortage. The latter comes from iSuppli, the average storage capacity from 32 to 64 GB. "It remains to be seen whether sales will meet the optimistic expectations of manufacturers. The introduction of the Apple iPad could possibly inspire the market," said Yang.

The results obtained with NAND flash revenues climb, according to iSuppli 2013 to almost 30 billion dollars per year (Image: iSuppli).

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