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12 Mar 2010

This article via: HOW TO OPERATE THE PEMFC


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To ‘charge’ the PEMFC and produce your fuel gases, connect a DC power source (it doesn’t have to be very clean, so long as there are no big voltage spikes) in the normal positive-to-positive and negative-to-negative arrangement. You should have some reccomended charging specs from your supplier, but in case you don’t a common PEMFC requires 1.7V to 2.0V, at 700mA for maximum charging rate. To compensate for various internal resistances and innefficiencies, it’s common to charge the FC with closer to 3V to ensure you get a good current flowing into the cell. The easiest source to charge your FC is a nice new pair of 1.5V AA alkaline cells.

Virtually the instant you connect power, you should see bubbles of gas forming on the inside chambers of the FC. The chambers will fill up, pushing the water out of the cell and into the storage tanks, and then eventually filling the tanks with accumulated Hydrogen and Oxygen.

Once you’ve got some fuel saved up, you can use your PEMFC to power a few devices. The output for a small typical single cell is nominally 0.6V @ 500mA, but often you’ll see closer to 1V @ 800mA when the cell is freshly charged. You can connect multiple FCs in parallel or series to increase the current or voltage output respectively. Some PEMFCs, like the one used in Mr. Lobster, are actually two FCs back to back, with a shared Hydrogen or Oxygen chamber.

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Like most rechargeable power storage systems, the power output from the FC will be fairly consistent at first, but gradually weakening as the fuel supply runs out. Conveniently you can visually see how much ‘juice’ an FC has left just by looking at the tanks and checking how full they are =D

One last note – you’ll probably find that most circuits need a fair bit more than ~1V to work, and connecting multiple FCs in series can be expensive, bulky, and annoying. Since the current output of even a small FC is typically quite high, you can use a voltage booster circuit to ‘trade in’ some of that extra current for more voltage. Take a look at this example by OddBot to get started in the right direction.

Was first used in BYD F6 dual mode hybrid vehicle

At a press conference, BYD unveiled the world’s first iron battery motor and gasoline engine-powered dual-mode hybrid vehicles F6DM, at its core power battery is ET-POWER.

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According to reports, F6DM use of hybrid electric vehicle system and the system is a way to control the two kinds of hybrid power generators and electric motors combine advanced technology, not only greatly reduces fuel consumption and emissions, but also improved the performance of power and manipulation to achieve a can charge, but also fuel a variety of ways to add energy to achieve a true sense of the word hybrid hybrid systems.

BYD president, Wang Chuanfu, said, DM is a “dual-mode” (DualMode) abbreviation. If the pure electric referred to as EV, hybrid referred to as HEV, the BYD DM electric car EV + HEV, in short, rechargeable hybrid electric vehicles. This system will replace the gasoline-electric mixing system, to become the world’s most mainstream new energy automotive systems.

It is reported that BYD dual-mode electric vehicle has been declared over 700 domestic and foreign patents. After a variety of state of the vehicle under the vehicle testing, road conditions in the city can be realized under the basic state of pure electric exercise of the BYD Electric Vehicle Charging Station 10-minute quick charge up to 50% of the electricity at home using ordinary socket slow fast charging, full power has only 9 hours. According to introduction, the entire dual-mode electric vehicle cost of the system is 5 million after the increase in production costs can be greatly reduced, the car is expected to be available second half of 2008 volume production.

Invention iron battery Adds expansion “of nuclear power”

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It is understood that as the world’s largest battery market giants, BYD factory from 10 years ago now, the rapid expansion of the speed doubling every year, from 2.5 million capital to expand into the market value of 30 billion yuan, from a single battery production to the ranks of important diversification of the world’s mobile phone industry, the integration of mobile phone parts supplier, from the repairer, selling cars of the “outsider” to the production of single models F3 With over 10 million vehicles sold “miracle”, BYD only took a very a short time.

The industry have pointed out that BYD five years ago, cut into the automotive industry, giving enterprises a strong development, while the maturity of the iron battery business, meaning that BYD’s two main industries - IT industry and automobile industry, battery-free seam integration and docking, the two industries, the strategic realignment will undoubtedly provide a strong impetus BYD follow-up development.

As automotive innovations, Wang Chuanfu BYD dual-mode electric vehicles on the confidence in the future. He said that in dual-mode electric vehicle to market next year, after the 2009 pure electric vehicles will also be available. In addition to driving electric vehicle industry chain, the BYD plans to iron battery into the notebook computers, digital cameras, digital music players, digital industry chain. Wang Chuanfu said that the current technology is not a major obstacle, the main traditional lithium battery voltage of 3.7 volts, slightly higher than the 3.3 volt-iron battery, once to solve voltage problems, this new type of battery is undoubtedly the best alternatives to lithium batteries, the market prospects immeasurably.

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