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18 Dec 2009

It is understood that China's current annual production of counterfeit mobile phone hp 540 battery , hp 550 battery more than 10 million. Of which 15% are exported to Africa, Asia and Latin America. And authorized the regular battery compared to lower the price of counterfeit batteries out of six or seven times.

It is reported that China's annual demand for 80 million mobile phones, combined with the retail market demand, the demand for the battery at least 150 million or more. China is not only the largest consumer of mobile phone batteries, but also the largest producer. Global Sources provides The report shows that in 2005 China Li-ion battery cell phone rechargeable sony np-fh100 , sony np-fp50 batteries that output is 940 million, after which annual growth rate of 6%, and the current annual output of more than 1 billion.

It is understood that China began in 2001 successively introduced a number of relevant safety standards for cell phone batteries, "in the industry there is a YD-1268, targeted at mobile phone battery charger safety standards there. Meanwhile, the national standard GB-18217, there are some specifications on the battery, which involves a number of security level. "Jiang Xin told reporters in Beijing.

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